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Sync-Gear 3 In 1 SD/MMC Reader And Synccharger Cable From Innopocket PDF Print E-mail
Written by Admin PalmX.Org   
Jul 03, 2003 at 04:47 PM
After buying Palm Zire71, I need to get a portable synccharger cable. I also need a SD/MMC card reader for my SD/MMC card. This is to ensure faster access to the SD/MMC card. I don't need it previously, because Sony CLIE has its own MS import/export function. To get these two items, it would cost me at least RM150 (RM90 for the sync and charger cable and RM60 for the SD/MMC reader). The other option is to buy the Card Export. But it is not useful for me since I am using Windows ME at home and I need to sync at home and also in office. Besides that, by using Card Export you still need to buy another sync cable.

Recently, Innopocket released a 3 in 1 synccharger and SD/MMC reader cable. I snapped it from Brando which costs me US23. It works out of the box. There is a button which enables you to change between hotsync and the SD/MMC reader. You don't need any driver for Windows ME/XP/2000. However a driver is needed for Windows 98. It also works for Macintosh.

As a SD/MMC reader, it works like any SD/MMC reader. When the option is selected, the PC will detect your SD/MMC card as another drive in the PC. You can just move, delete and explore the files in the card just as if it is another drive in the PC, just like a handydrive. This is very handy if you use your palm as a MP3 player.

As a sync and charger cable, there is a hotsync button built in. You don't have to access the hotsync screen from the palm. That saves a lot of time. Just select the hotsync option and press the hotsync button. Besides that it also charges from the USB port.

With the 3 function already in, some people want more. You cannot access the SD/MMC card from your palm even if you put a SD/MMC card in the reader and another one in your palm.


  • 3 in 1 function.
  • Hotsync button built in.
  • Cheap.
  • No drivers needed for Windows ME/XP/2000/Mac 8.6 up.
  • Portable.
  • Slightly bulkier than other sync and charger cable.
  • Have to remove your palm from the case when hotsync.

Dr. Ahmad Razali Md. Ralib.
Last Updated ( Oct 30, 2005 at 09:16 AM )