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Card Export PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mohd Nazley Mohd Fadhley   
Jul 02, 2003 at 04:42 PM
Most PalmOS PDAs now comes with an SD/MMC expansion slot to increase the PDA's storage capacity. From OS4.0 onwards, Palm powered PDAs now allows you to store application in special folders in the expansion cards and run the application from the card itself. Hotsync Manager version 4.1 (that comes with the new OS5 machines) allows transfer if files to the expansion card via the hotsync process, but it is awfully slow, and has to go through the complete synchronisation process. Furthermore, the hotsync method only transfer files to the Palm "designated" folder only, i.e. /Palm/Launcher/ .

I have an SD/MMC card reader, and I find transferring files using a card reader is a lot faster, but what if you don't have a card reader? Convert your Palm and your the cradle into an SD/MMC card reader .... Solution, Card Export.

Softick Company, introduced a software solution to enable your PC to read the SD/MMC card on your Palm just like another removable drive. You can browse through the folders in the card, create new folders, delete folders and so on, just like another drive. This means, I can create a custom folder and store some of my "non-palm" files on the SD/MMC card. Transferring image files(jpg) and a audio files (mp3, wav) to the SD card feels more "natural" in the Windows environment.

Card Export minimum requirement:-
  • Palm OS 4.0
  • Windows 2000/XP on desktop, Windows 98/Me will be supported later
  • No support for Mac yet
  • USB connection
  • Color support
  • Recommended devices: Palm m500/m505/m515 handhelds

There are actually two parts to the installation, one is the "driver" to be installed on the PC and another application is installed on the PDA. We need to invoke a "handshake" between the PC and the Palm. Launch the application on the handheld and tap [Connect to Desktop].

Once the application detects the driver on the PC, you'll see a new drive available in your Windows Explorer. Since, I named my SD card ZIRE71-128S, that's the name of the "new" drive created in Windows Explorer. You can see the data transfer immediately as the [sent] and [received] value increase. My SD card becomes just like another hard drive.

Zire71 and Tungsten|T users would be glad to know that transferring a 4MB MP3 to the SD card takes about 15 seconds. It's a great tool to transfer typically large Kinoma movie clips using Card Export, it's fast and easy to use.

As good as the application is, it only works with the Palm family of  PDAs (m125, m130, m500, m505, m515, Tungsten-T & Zire71.) connected to a Windows desktop computer ... Mac users will have to wait for the developer to upgrade this application to support Mac OS. Sony Clie users also won't be able to use Card Export. However, since the Clies already come with similar tool called MSImport/MSExport, Clie users don't really need this anyways.

Card Export is shareware and it costs USD19.95.

Tapping off,

Mohd Nazley Fadhley
Last Updated ( Oct 30, 2005 at 09:17 AM )