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CLIE PEG-TG50 - First Impressions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Admin PalmX.Org   
Jun 03, 2003 at 04:36 PM
Update 27 September 2005:- Image removed since it is no longer available.

Depending on how attached you are to your machine or gadget, I believe that each has its own persona and memory that you developed with it. Since Palm IIIc (already sold it); the first colored palmtop, it has always made me remember the days when black was so chic. And I could still vividly remember my trip to Singapore to purchase my current N760C; (one of the earliest great multimedia palm handheld), the first few songs that played on it, that included the Sopranos theme - Woke Up This Morning, (go get yourself a gun!), and Elton John's This Train Don't Stop Here Anymore. Well, after all, the memorable KTM train won't stop at the Tanjung Pagar soon :-(

Since then, I have always in the lookout for a new machine that could in some way redefine the entire philosophy around palm. Well, I just found one. The CLIE-PEG T50 (TG50) is in class of its own; the one that I believe that could capture the corporate market from the boring, bulky, all-look-the-same PocketPCs. With further improvements, well, I hope SONY is listening to this, this model with all the listed features below could just push this one to a further niche market. My wish list for the TG70 :-) would be:

a. 64Mb RAM to make way for caching of the NetFront browser content
b. Virtual Graffitti for the all the people like me who still love the natural way to text input
c. Wi-fi slot for getting connected to the Net while sipping coffee of the day at Starbucks
d. 320x480 pixels to enrich the entire multimedia experience; and finally
e. Memory Stick Pro-enabled, so that I could soon find my way to purchase that 1Gb MS Pro, and oh,
f. Better sylus, please.

Now let me get started on my review. Well, for this machine, it will always remind me of how "wonderful" I felt after my Operations Management paper the day earlier. It was this bright afternoon at the Sony Wings KLCC last Sunday (June, first); where I was toying around with the TG50.

 At 1/2 inch in thickness, this is definitely one slim baby. The full aluminum casing provides its splendid look and the execptional quality that captures every infatuation of my desire for anything of  "white gold" quality. At 200MhZ X-Scale Intel processor and powered by the Palm OS ver 5.0, this beast is fast loading all the file formats it supports from native palm applications to one of my new favorite software, the Picsel Viewer; which makes it much easier to view pdf documents and others as well; that is without any conversion. It's just on  great software to make research review much easier for me.

Economically, at RM 1488; this model selling price is justifiable considering its hardware capability and the loads of pre-installed software that it has to offer. Let's see, there's the Flash Player from Macromedia, the Acid Freecell from Red Mercury to kill boredom on an LRT ride, yes there at the Breakout and BumpAttack Pinball too! Other productivity tool includes the new improved NetFront browser from ACCESS that supports SSL, JavaScript, and CSS. Also the powerOne Finance. I was quite surpised to find out that the Documents To Go is missing here! Then there are the picture and movie viewer. Other reviews of TG50 give good points on the video capability.

Let's get back to the hardware. there's the typical CLIE MS slot, the headphone jack, the IrDA 1.2 with the Remote Commander LED. The left side are with the jog dial, hold, the back buttons; and surpise! the Record button. Beneath the screen are the pull-down menu button, the Date Book button, the up-down button, as well as the Memo Pad and To Do List button. On the very right locates the Find button.

 Then there's the Bluetooth support for to allow you to build all the Personal Area Network you wish around you (which made me considering of getting a Bluetooth and GPRS cell phone soon!) Thus, the powerful SMS capability of this machine, which is actually the core product feature of this model; and the integrated thumboard QWERTY layout keyboard with the awesome backlight in the dark is the manifestation to this. Well, I gave the keyboard a try, it is well desigend, didn't hurt your fingertips, but it does take some time to get used to it. I still miss the Graffitti though. It has however the Graffitti 2.0, but to switch back and forth to the mode via a special button can be quite messy. Virtual Graffitti, please!

The screen is of the high-resolution, transreflective color display of 320x320. I can't do fair comparison withe the other palm handheld screen, but the Brighthand reviewer has this to comment "backlight leaves wavy shadows on one edge of the screen. These are quite noticeable when background is white, which unhappily is most of the time" Like I said earlier, I wish the screen area is 320x480. Another cool feature is its capability to voice recording that I would find it useful to do interviews and record daily journals, or for whatever sound you can imagine you want to record on it. Besides the ever cool mp3 player on CLIE, this one also has the built-in speker that I think will be useful to play on Philip Glass scores when I need all the tranquility I want in the world while lying down in the middle of the night reading the eBook (this one comes with the MobiPocket Reader).

Brighthand's Ed Hardy also mentioned this about the battery performance "Sony, the TG50 has a good battery life. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find an application that exactly tracks battery life and runs under Palm OS 5 so I'll have to estimate. Under normal use, with the backlight down at about half strength and Bluetooth off unless I'm actually using it, the battery life is quite good. I gave the TG50 a full charge three days ago and have been using it as my primary handheld ever since. Currently, the battery is at 55% and I definitely have several days more use before I have to recharge it"

I look forward to own this model and look out for the actual review when I have one. let's just hope the new ones will include my wish list :-)

Product Tour is available HERE

Hazarizal Zainodin

Last Updated ( Oct 30, 2005 at 09:19 AM )