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Tungsten W PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mohd Adib Noh   
May 19, 2003 at 04:32 PM
 Below is a short note about the above( not a review):

I bought my palm T|W on 13/4/03 after waiting for months for Palm/Sony to come out with "my perfect specs " for my pda.That was the day my patience ran out:-) My perfect specs never turn up so I have to be contented with at least 80% meeting the "my" requirements.

Before this purchase,I used Handera. And before that,I was very satisfied with my Palm111c. It is coloured,has infra-red to communicate with my siemens hp and a good pda for my needs. This experience leads me to demand at least what I used to get if not better.

I would say I use my palm in equal proportion as pim(organiser) and a communication tool( may be 50% each). Therefore, I need something that has strong features in these two areas.Below I list the reasons of my choice:

What made me buy Tungsten T|W:

  • Palm OS - it is better than PPC/WinCE
  • Colour - good my aging eye-sights(Handera has good functions but sadly not coloured and giving problems)
  • Remote connection for sms/email/web - give me freedom to check emails any time any where.Ease of use in sending sms.
  • As a mobile phone - seldom use to call from palm.Inconvenient to use headphones.I rather use a normal phone.
  • Built-in keyboard - very handy to send or reply sms/emails.

 One month has gone by and yesterday I received the telephone bill for my palm T|W. It cost me RM 140 for my data charges for my wap/gprs/email/sms etc from maxis. For personal use, it appears to be expensive but in my case I use my palm for personal and business as well. The bill is footed by my firm ;-)

There is one inconvenience I suffered using this palm. It is when someone calls me( when they could not get me from my normal hp-019.) and I will be searching for my head set.It is tolerable since this is NOT my main voice communication tool.

All in all, It serves my needs quite well. However, I wish I can talk to my Palm T|W without wires stringing down my ear.


Mohd Adib Noh

Last Updated ( Oct 30, 2005 at 09:20 AM )