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Sony PEG-SJ30/G PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mohammad Hasni Ibrahim   
Oct 22, 2002 at 03:52 PM

clie sj30This is my review on the unit that I have received on Thursday 27 September 2002 after waiting for six days after placing my order at Sony Online. The unit comes with a 32MB Memory Stick and it's free.

Previously I was using a Casio PV250 (without a cradle), a Palm IIIx which I upgraded the RAM to 8MB and the last Palm handheld that I used was a Palm IIIc and still using it for my long document typing. Sony does not sell a foldable keyboard in this region. I am still keeping my good old Palm IIIc because of the PPK. I wish....

Enough for the preamble.. hehehe..

Basic function.

This unit is all the same as other palm OS pda around. All the same datebook, to do and memo except the address book. It has extra field for image. I think its all the same with the other Sony PDAs. All other applications included in the PDA are the software for Memory Stick, the Pocket Gear, photo stand and world alarm clock. However, the gmovie can only play clips without sound. I tried running the same files in a T and it is still the same.


The SJ has big buttons for you to use as compared to the T series. The protector supplied comes with a pad so that you will not accidentally press your hardware button. This is good for people who always put their PDAs in their pockets. No more battery drain due to your PDA switch on by itself in your pocket.


It does not have the speaker like the T, so the sound is the same as other Palm OS handheld but still audible. I tried Bejeweled which was updated to make use of Sony better sound and it is marvellous on my T. For those who have tried the ir function on the N and T this unit does not have that enhance ir. So forget about controlling your audio video with the SJ. You need to use Omni Remote and the distance is around 1.5m.


sj30 side view The unit is the smallest PDA I have ever had and I believe it is the smallest in the market. It is a bit thick due to the battery size. This unit is not using the lithium polymer battery as other Clie models such as the T or the N. Nevertheless it is not that heavy though but it fits nicely in your shirt pocket or any other pocket that you have.


The battery is Li-Ion compare to Li-Polymer that comes with the T. The PDA feels a bit heavy but still lighter than my IIIc. The battery can lasts me for about three days of usage with daily sync with cable, a lot of SMS with funSMS and also casual email downloading thru my Nokia 6210. With the Uptime running, it registered approximately 14 hours of power on so far and that is if I see it rightly.

Memory Stick

I am still findings ways to utilise my Memory Stick. For the moment I am keeping my family photos inside the MS and also some apps that I rarely use. The speed in accessing the MS is a bit slow especially when I want to view YiShow background image. I do not know how fast it will be if I access any standard Palm Doc or WordSmith files. But as far as image is concern it is still okay for me. Kindly help me on how to install file inside the MS apart from transferring file with PGPocket.


sj30 display view This unit is having the usual Sony Hi Res function with resolution of 320x320 which is the same with the T. The screen is very nice but after putting the screen protector I feel that my IIIc has brighter screen compared to this SJ. However the screen is much better outdoor and I can always see everything on my PDA now outdoor compared to the times that I have with the IIIc. You can control the brightness of the screen with the button on the graffiti area. It has this button as compared to IIIc where it is on your power button itself.

I think that's all for now. Not really good in writing. I will try to answer any question regarding this unit as long as it is within my knowledge. For me this is a good PDA for budget concious person who want color and hi res screen but low in budget. After all we do not really need the mp3 function. The iR is an extra la...

Okay... tapping off

Mohammad Hasni Ibrahim

Last Updated ( Oct 30, 2005 at 09:30 AM )