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EB Slipper Case 710 with Belt Clip PDF Print E-mail
Written by Admin PalmX.Org   
Jul 11, 2002 at 03:42 PM

overall pix

Price: USD $39.95

REVIEW: EB Slipper Case 710 with Belt Clip
by Hazarizal Zainodin -

I am using the EB Slipper Case 710 with the belt clip for my N760C. The EB Flipper X with the belt clip isn't that bad either.

The EB Slipper Case 710 is great for protecting the handheld as well as giving you the convenience of listening to mp3 when you are on the move.

It protects the Memory Stick from direct sunlight and raindrops, a definite MUST protection in a tropical city like Kuala Lumpur. Also useful as shock absorber if you happen to accidentally drop it on the floor.

Inside the case are two extra small pouch where you can keep two extras MS for your convenience. The inside (frontal) compartment is for you to put your business card or any other card for that matter.

side pix

On the top left side are the openings for the earphones, the back button, the jog-dial, and the hold button; making your page navigation easier.

Velcro is not used here; instead, magnets are being used for closure. Neat isn’t it?

There is zipper at its bottom so that you can unzip the 760C for charge or hot sync. I like this feature very much.

It comes in black and dark blue. Mine is the dark blue.

I find EB Slipper Case with the Belt Clip mostly useful to control the mp3 audio playback where I could clip the wand onto the top part of the case and use it to control songs volume and playback when I am on the train or bus.

In all, the EB Slipper Case 710 delivers what Ebcases.com promises – The Ultimate in Portability.

belt clip

overall fit


Great finishing & Versatile


Pricier than the Flipper X

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