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Hezarts MMail+ PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mohd Nazley Mohd Fadhley   
Jul 25, 2002 at 03:11 PM
Last weekend, I downloaded and tried out a 2 in 1 software ... an email and SMS client:
Hezarts mmail+ (www.hezarts.com)

This is a RAM hungry application requiring at least 260KB of memory on a PalmOS 3.0 machine, minimum, but it handles both email and SMS at the same time. I use Multimailpro3.1 and FunSMS3 for email and "SMSing" and each application needs about 180KB each... a total of about 360KB. So, Hezarts mmail+ could save me 100KB.

A list of features as stated in the user manual is as follows:-
- Retrieves and sends SMS via compatible mobile phones
- Retrieves and sends email directly from mail servers without Hotsync (Modem required....Mobile phone or Palm clip-on modem)
- Supports SMTP and POP3
- Supports multiple POP3 accounts
- Allows fast downloading of email Headers first and downloading the complete message of selected mails thereafter.
- Messages up to 60KB
- Supports both Black & White and Colour devices
- Intergrated with stock Addressbook, Memopad and to do list.
- Fast sorting of emails for different column views
- Supports 16 customizable folders
- Supports cc and bcc
- Supports save to drafts folder
- Able to customiza and resize column views.
- Toolbars for faster navigation
- Templates for quick reply.
- Supports printing via PalmPrint frm Stevens Creek Softwares
- Exports messges in DOC format.

The above features basically sums up the 'usefulness' or 'functionality' of the application.

While trying it out for *only* 2 days, I have the following to add....

I find retrieving messages in mmail+ is faster using both a 56K CF modem and my Siemens S45 compared to Multimailpro. Another good featuer worth highlighting here is the ability to transfer emails received to memopad and then have it printed from your desktop after a hotsync. And of course with PalmPrint installed on your Palm, just point it to an IR enabled printer to produce a hard copy.

Sending and receiving SMS using mmail+ is also quite fast, but nothing different from funSMS. The application differntiates SMS from regular email by using a "phone" icon in the 'FROM' column.

The only "cons" I would say, is the 60KB message limitation and the inability for the software to handle email attachments. So, Multimailpro wins in this section with the ability to read HTML and MSword attachments. Other than that it is a good "connectivity" tool.

Since I am already using Multimailpro for managing my emails and FunSMS for GSM text messaging. I don't really need to pay for this "tool".

Mohd Nazley Fadhley
Last Updated ( Oct 30, 2005 at 09:39 AM )