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Xtend Tungsten T3 Battery Mileage ... Some Tips PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mohd Nazley Mohd Fadhley   
Mar 04, 2004 at 12:00 AM
You just got your Tungsten T3 yesterday and find that it slurps power like you slurping orange juice on a hot day .... What can you expect from a 900mAH battery. Other PDAs like Tungsten|C and the Clie NX80V have larger 1500mAH batter, so the power on these machines last longer. Power "mileage" wise, its roughly the same on all PDAs.

Back to the T3 poor battery life, well, I cannot deny that, the T3 power seems very bad initially, but the performance will get better with time. Battery consuption may seems very bad the first week or two. The T3 battery needs some time to condition itself. I noticed a better battery performance after using the T3 about a week. Follow the instruction in the manual. Always give the T3 a good full charge first, about 8 hours ... just leave it on the cradle overnight.

Always charge your T3. Avoid draing the power before recharging. I find this method works best for my T3. As a guide, I now can listen to MP3 (using Aeroplayer)with display off for roughly about 3 hours and I still have 40% power left on my machine. Playing Warfare Inc. gives me 90-110 minutes.

I know, if you scour the net you get different opinions on this and also tips to get better power 'mileage". Well. pick and choose and try them out yourself.

Here are my tips to conserve power on a T3:
  1. Only turn on the bluetooth radio when necessary. Leaving the BT radio on will drain the battery faster. I recommend getting BTToggle to have this done automatically. BTtoggle switches the BT on when it needs to and switches off the BT radio when no application is using BT. Read more about BTtoggle here:

  2. The 4 hard buttons and the D-Pad can be turned on accidentally and cause unnecessary power use. Usually happens if you use just the stock cover that comes with the T3 and carry the T3 in your trousers pocket or handbag. Again I recommend BTtoggle since it also allows you control the hard buttons so that it will switch on when it is pressed twice. This will avoid accideltal "on". Or, you invest in a good casing for the T3. Hard casings is best, leather casing will also prevent "accidental on" to a limited extent. Its your choice.

  3. Use the brightest backlight setting only when necessary. For a T3, 40%-50% brightness level is already good. You can get a third party software like Auto Dimmer or Energy Dimmer to automatically reduce the brightness level automatically when there is no activity after a few seconds.

  4. The T3 has a 400MHz processor under the hood, and this is also a contributing factor to the power consuption. Not all application in your Palm need so much power. Datebook, Contacts works very well on a 144MHz OMAP that powers the (used to be mine) ZIre71. What I dis was get an overclocking utility, but instead of overclocking the T3, you "underclock" the processor speed. I recommend PXAClocker since it comes with a free version. The full commercialversion allows you greater flexibility to assign different processor speed for different application. I use PXAclocker, the full version and I under clock my T3 to 200MHz. It still delivers exceptional performance, even Warfare Inc plays well at this settings. 2 applications that I leave to run at 400Mhz are Versamail and Webpro. A good analogy to this argument is to compare a 660cc Kancil and a 3000cc Mercedes. If you are driving within city limits, you would not the 3000cc to move you around. A Kancil will do this just as well. On the highway on the other hand, you'd need the power and a 3000cc Merc is the better performer ... You get what I am trying to say here, don't you?

Alright ... that's a few tips I can give to the new T3 owners out there. Have fun with your new tool (or toy) ...

Last Updated ( Oct 29, 2005 at 04:57 PM )