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Choosing an office application for Palm OS PDF Print E-mail
Written by Admin PalmX.Org   
Oct 05, 2002 at 05:57 PM

Writing a dissertation had been a daunting task for a Master or PhD students. This is more worrisome for me since I am not very keen in doing it. This has also become a burden especially for me to do it in between my clinical work. However with my Sony CLIE S360 assisted by my second hand Stowaway Palm Portable Keyboard, I managed to type my dissertation in between my clinical work. To do this, besides the hardware, I need to choose a good office application for my palm. I have tried all the three currently available office applications: Wordsmith, Documents to go and Quickoffice. I think I have installed and uninstalled all the three of them more than three times after another to choose which one is more suitable for me. I think I can tell my experience in trying all the three office suites.

  1. .. Documents to go.

    I started to install this first, since it came bundled with my Sony CLIE, even though it is only the basic Word to go and Sheet to go edition, without the Slide to go. But since I mainly use word to go, I didn't care much about the Slide to go. Word to go is very easy to use. It has a font support as the other two suites. It synced very fast with your palm, since the documents are converted earlier via the Documents to go conduit. The only thing, it has only basic functions. No spellchecker, thesaurus, bullets, etc. You have difficulty to do select all function since it is not there. But the good thing is, it support tables quite well. Your word document table are sync into your palm as it is. But the disadvantage is you cannot create table (in version 4.004). I uninstalled it, few days ago after the third installation, since it cannot sync one of my file, which was typed with a Stowaway keyboard. I tried it a few times, but it still cannot be synced. Maybe it is not compatible or doesn't suppor

  2. .. Quickoffice.

    I tried quickoffice after being frustrated with Documents to go. The interface is quite good since it was for quickword and quicksheet. The new quickpoint will add a new dimension for this suite. It also synced quite fast with your palm. This is because your documents will be converted earlier as in documents to go. It has font support as in the other suites. It has advantage over documents to go, because it has added spellchecker, thesaurus and word count function. This is a good tool, since you can count your document word amount. This is because I don't want my dissertation to be too long, around 10,000 words is enough. But the irritating thing for me is it will destroy all your document formatting after syncing. Initially I thought maybe I made a mistake in the settings. But after trying a few times, that's it. Your spacing, tables, formatting, headers and footers are gone after syncing. I am using the quickoffice 6.0, not the old one. So, after trying it for three days, I decided to unin

  3. .. WordSmith.

    I tried wordsmith after being recommended by Dr. Jamal. It is quite good. But it is only for word documents. No excel or powerpoint support when compared to the other two suites. I like the interface well. It has nearly all the functions, as quikword. Maybe not the word count function. It also has the spellchecker and thesaurus function. But I decided not to install it since it only support US English. I need a UK English for my dissertation. The thing that I hate most is when syncing. It take too long to sync with your palm. This is made worst if you have a file with a lot of images. It will take forever and I mean forever (up to 20 minutes). I have to cancel the hotsync at times. I managed to bypass this problem. All the images in my dissertation will be taken out and pasted into another folder. So I will only use word document files with no images. Without images, the documents are synced very fast, equal to quickoffice and documents to go. The other irritating thing for me, it tends to

So for the time being I am currently using Wordsmith for my palm Office application. But maybe not for long, I may uninstall it and go for another one if I found another bug in it. This my candid opinion on the three office applications after trying all three within the 6 months period of using a palm. Your opinion may differ from me.

Dr. Ahmad Razali Md. Ralib
Radiology Department

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