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Original Article: Palm & The Radiologist PDF Print E-mail
Written by Admin PalmX.Org   
Jul 18, 2002 at 05:41 PM
I am a radiologist working in USM Health Campus, Kubang Kerian. My responsibilities other to myself, family and community is also towards academic, research and service to patients in USM.

My day begins with checking my diary and to do list which is available in Action names. In there, I know the things I have to do on that day and the appointments I have made. Action names also integrate the address/contacts. It also has a section on journal where I can write on things going on for that day.

Recently, I have started using Wassup to allow me with a click of a button to check the time, appointments, mails that I need to send and read and also the tasks that I need to do. I find this a useful tool to check my day activities.

I don’t really like to read emails using PDA but I use it extensively drafting emails using Eudora mail and sending later when I do a hotsync. Ideas and tasks which include writing emails do come at a spur of the moment so when I remember, I quickly get my PDA and fill in the things I want to do.

As mobility is one of the reason why we have PDA, I for one have Avantgo, iSilo and Handstory. Each of them has pros and cons so that is probably the reason why I have all the three. What I noticed is that some site are viewed best using one from the other so the need to have all is worthwhile then. Using Handstory, I can also view Quran verses that I have download from the net. It allow the images to be saved in various sizes. I chose the bigger size (more than 320 x 320) so that I can read with the PDA easily with my after 40 eyesight.

As one of the management team, the task in the morning is to look at the file for all the letters, correspondence etc. that one has to do. All necessary appointments, tasks will be immediately written into the PDA using Action Names. I also now start using Date at a Glance to see a week activity as it handle the hi-res and the format which is pleasing to me. Others might argue that Action Names can do that as well but the layout is more pleasing to me using Date at a glance.

I have also have a weekly time table for the routine patient care. So the diary section will always remind me on that.

When there is interesting cases that I need to refer to later, I keep a database of them using Handbase. This is useful as the editing can also be done using the computer. What I hope in the future, all my patients in the Radiology Information system database can be sync to my PDA so I know all the time about them.

As a radiologist, there are so many things for us to remember and sometimes I forget about rare presentations and rare diseases. There are quite a number of available sources from the internet that I have download using iSilo so that I use later such as Chorus for radiology. There are quite a number of sources which can be bought from the internet but I have yet to explore them.

For word processing, Memo is what I use most of the time. When the file is large and I need to do some editing later, I use Word to go purchased in the bundle of Document to Go. I also have files using spreadsheet which I use Sheet to Go. As a academician, I sometimes uses Slide to Go in the Document to Go bundle to edit my power point presentations and also to refer to when I do the lectures. I sure like to see my students to say “woooooow” when they see me using it. It kind of show off, I guess. With the three programs, I can synchronise the files with the one in the computer so I always has the update in PDA and the computers.

Project Planner is quite a useful program to plan and monitor the projects that I am involved in the campus – be it academic, research or service. I have used it quite extensively planning my sabbatical project recently.

As my profession deals with imaging, Diddle Bug program is a useful program that I often use when I have to draw and explain to my patients, students and otehrs. I also keep radiology images and digital photograph images (I took using digital camera) in the expansion card and I view them using Acidimage. It is a cool program where it can find jpeg and gif images in the card and I can also view them in thumbnail format.

I do travel at times so using Time Travel is a good program to organise the flight, hotels and other tasks to do.

I used to have a Portable Palm Keyboard with my Palm Vx. At that time, I use it occasionally but when I start using a Sony Clie T615C, grafitti is what I only use. I find Jot is better than the grafitti pogram that Sony supplied. With Textplus, my writing takes less time as the program will suggest words and phrases to choose from. Unfortunately, it does not work with Word to Go and when writing something in the body section of the Eudora mail. We can’t expect everything to work everytime.

SMS is a cheaper way to communicate than calling and I use funSMS for that. My Clie communicate well with my Nokia 8210 using the infrared. I can also retrieve messages from the handphone using fun SMS.

Making backup is expected from everybody using PDA and I religiously back it up everyday to both my computer at work and notebook at home. I must emphasise the important of this as now and again people just does not want to do that and regret later. I used Backup Buddy.

I have used PDA for about a year and half now and what I gain a lot is now, I am more efficient, organised, productive and perform at a higher level than before. I hope this is not seen as praising myself.

For those who are starting to use, use it more often. For those who contemplating to own one, don’t hesitate but immediately buy one. If you have the money, go for a colour as you will see PDA in a different perspective compare to a monochrome. Better still if you buy with an expansion card slot.

Last Updated ( Oct 29, 2005 at 05:18 PM )