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PalmX BTM - StarGazing Session PDF Print E-mail
Written by Admin PalmX.Org   
Feb 14, 2003 at 08:29 PM
Dear fellow Palmx,

I have confirmation that the stargazing session to be held at the following location and time is on:

Date: 14 Feb 2003
Time: 8.00 PM till 11.00 PM (can also strech all the way till 12, until the guards start to chase us away!)
Location: Padang Kawad UPM. (Click HERE for the MAP)
( Turn in left at the junction going in towards Kolej Kediaman area, immediately after that turning, you should see a small road turning to the left. The Padang Kawad is in just by the road side on your right )

This stargazing session is actually being held and organized by the Astronomy Interest Group Putra, a small group of ppl crazy about stargazing, running under the Physics Club of Fakulti Sains dan Alam Sekitar, UPM. It is open to students and public. Dr.Zaidan is the lecturer spearheading this activity, so I guess it would be nice to meet up with him and express your gratitude in allowing to share the wonders of the sky with the UPM students... ;-)

Telescope that's going to be there will be:
Meade's 8 inch LX90 - confirm
Meade's 10 inch Dobsonian - maybe (if I can its mirror clean before the event!)
Meade's ETX125 - Dr.Zaidan's
Meade's LX200 GPS - Looi Keng Kok.

BTW, Looi Keng Kok is the sole distributor of Meade's telescope in SE Asia. You should meet this guy as he's very friendly and likes to share his knowledge. And the GPS telescope he'll bring is awesome!

Some PC presentation will be done, and will be presented by either me or dr.Zaidan. Some very graphical appealing astronomical software is in the list.

And finally, don't forget to bring your PDAs (complete with Palm Planetarium 'installed'). I guess this will be the first time this stargazing session, whereby there'll be a group of ppl staring their 'palms' rather than staring at the sky! :-P ( ni kena bawak digicam ni ).

Astronomy apps;
i. J-Moons http://mew3.com/palm/jmoons/
ii. Lunar http://www.astro-metrics.com/Lunar.html - shareware
iii. Moon Phase http://pws.chartermi.net/~sckienle/palm/default.html --> similar like Lunar - freeware
iv. Planetarium http://www.aho.ch/pilotplanets

Maybe I can see again the show of hands ppl that'll be coming. Email Me! at


Regards -Shah-

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Ends:Friday, February 14, 2003 11:pm

Stargazing Report

hehehe....Got heldup with some stuff todo last weekend.

Anyway, thanks to Hamid and Kamarul for attending the btm-stargazing session. I dare say only both of you are the ones staring at your 'palm' while the rest keep pointing to the sky!

There were about 50 to 70 people around, coming and going, something like 'rumah terbuka' style. I did some simple presentation on the pc (projected to the screen). There were 5 telescopes that night. I was pretty busy going around places and explaining things, that never really could do some 'palm-gazing' that night, though I did explain to Hamid how to use Planetarium to find the compass points. And he pass it down to Kamarul. And also we identify which Jupiter's moon is which, by using the Planetarium and compare it wih the view in the telescope.

Kamarul was busy, standing alongside my telescope, explaining some 'things' to the mahaSISWI over there..and there were one time me and Hamid, virtually couldn't find Kamarul anywhere!! Lost in space? ...hmmmmmmm..... ;-)

All in all, its was a great stargazing session, wish more of palmx-ers were there to create more havoc, 'palm-reading' in the middle of the night!

Read the full report at http://www.falak-online.net
(In Bahasa Malaysia)


... Kamarul ...

... Shah ...

... Kamarul Lagi ...

... Team Palmx ... Shah, Kamarul and Hamid.

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