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PalmX - KVPUG Friendly Bowling Outing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mohd Nazley Mohd Fadhley   
Aug 10, 2002 at 07:35 PM
 Saturday, August 10, 2002 2:30pm
Pyramid Bowl, Sunway Pyramid

Dear Palmx members,

Palmx and Kvpug (Klang Valley Palm User Group) is going to have a friendly bowling outing in August.

Details of the event is as follows:-

Venue : Pyramid Bowl, Sunway Pyramid
Date : August 10, 2002
Time : 2:30pm onwards
Cost : RM 5.40 per game (min. 3 games)
* socks are compulsory
* shoe rental extra (RM 2)

All members are invited to take part in this event. Those interested to take part can register by sending email to or palmx moderators at by July 31, 2002

Come and join the fun! Get to know more Palm users.
It's a friendly meet ... No competition environment ... 100% stress free.

Confirmed palmx members taking part:-
1. Nazley
2. Mohd Adib
3. Dr. Azmi Tamil
4. Fahroe Ibrahim
5. M. Hasni Ibrahim
6. Roslina Azarai
7. Azrina M. Ariff
8. .......
(I will update this list as members sign-up)

Hop over to kvpug forum to check out who your "opponents" are going to be.
Or their event registration page at ... http://www.kvpug.org/index.cfm?page=gatherings_signup&gatheringid=14


Update August 1, 2002.

Kvpug has 10 players registered for the event:-



Tang Yew Kit



Johannes E Tjoa



Ho Wai Keong






Tan Chee Liang



Ng Lee Ming



Jansen Khoo



Alisa Heng



Koay Cheng Leong



Christine Cheong

Its already August 1st ,2002, and WhyK@Y of Kvpug is now arranging for the lane booking at Pyramid bowl, Sunway pyramid.

(Please read a snippet of his posting in kvpug forum below)

1. To all those who sign-up to take part, please be at the venue on time at *2:30pm* sharp on *10 August 2002*

2. Those who cannot make it on time that day (LRT rosak or trafik jem) pls call my mobile 0133506656.

3. Those who still want to play and didn't have the chance to do so before, can still come and play ( maybe can accommodate 1 or 2 additional player, can take turns with me, or just cheer for us).

Hope to see you there

<-----Start... snip from kvpug forum------>

As mentioned, the closing date for registration is now over. I'll proceed with the lanes booking with Pyramid Bowl.

Those registered please make yourself on time at Pyramid Bowl on 10 August (Saturday)

2.30 pm sharp - meeting point will be at the registration counter

For those who come as cheerleader or spectator, please check with the registration counter for lanes booked under 'YK TANG' (if you come late, and we have started playing)

Your friendly 'opponents' from PalmX group are:
1. Nazley
2. Mohd Adib
3. Dr. Azmi Tamil
4. Fahroe Ibrahim
5. M. Hasni Ibrahim
6. Roslina Azarai
7. Azrina M. Ariff

As mentioned, this will not be a competition, just a friendly outing to meet each other and after the game, we might adjourn for a mini beamfest. Maybe after gauging each other skills, then in the future we might organise some 'real' tournament...

If you are caught in traffic jam or whatsoever on the day, please give me a ring on my mobile, as least i know where u are....

012 209 2058

<----End Snip--->

Contact:   Tel: Fax:
Ends:Saturday, August 10, 2002 6:00pm
Brief report on the outcome;

The results;

Tournament Bowling Persahabatan KVPUG vs palmx - 10 Ogos 2002
G1 G2 G3 Total Avg
Tan Yew Kit 137 119 171 427 142.3333333
Dr. Azmi Mohd Tamil 108 135 138 381 127
Johannes E Tjoa 90 154 86 330 110
Koay Cheng Leong 104 92 120 316 105.3333333
Nazley 105 124 86 315 105
Carol 114 94 208 104
Fahroe Ibrahim 101 104 91 296 98.66666667
Roslina Azarai 88 105 193 96.5
Ng Lee Ming 98 97 93 288 96
Alisa Heng 100 89 97 286 95.33333333
Zed 101 86 187 93.5
Jason 97 108 70 275 91.66666667
Yati 75 93 168 84
Nong 64 86 83 233 77.66666667
M. Hasni Ibrahim 76 84 69 229 76.33333333
Among the supporters that turn up from palmx;
  • Mohd Hamid Misnan
  • Azrina
  • Christina (yg lain Bubba kena tambah :-)
A pretty good affair for 2 groups of people who have never met before. I'll leave it to Bubba to elaborate further.


Palmx-Kvpug Bowling meet - 10 Aug. 2002

We had great bowling yesterday. I think everyone had a fun time, I know I did ...

The bowling part seems secondary, we had good, fun, interactive meet yesterday, and people are busy chatting, that some of us need to be reminded to take our turns bowling. Too bad, of all the people who came, no one brought along a camera to "record" the "Kodak Moment". So, those who were not there could only imagine the fun filled time we had.

Anyways, back to bowling, the top 5 players are (based on score average) :-

1 - Tang Yew Kit - kvpug (142.3)
2 - Dr. Azmi Mohd Tamil - palmx (127)
3 - Johannes E Tjoa - kvpug (110)
4 - Koay Cheng Leong - kvpug (105.3)
5 - Nazley - palmx (105)

Everyone seems to play their best in the second game.

First game, the warm-up, scores were ... well... "substandard" .... :). Second game, almost every one played well after the initial "warmup". Then, come the third game.... "hangus".... everybody was either too tired to roll the bowling ball or too engrossed in chit-chat about PDAs that they cannot concentrate on the game anymore.

The palmx cheerleaders, Azrina and Hamid did their part ... "buat kecoh" ( Jangan marah ye). Hamid Misnan, came all the way from Nilai (Manchester?) to cheer for the palmx team ... And managed to do some shopping in between (his main mission to Sunway Pyramid, by the way) ;-)

Oh ... Hamid also came with a second "mission" ... imported cigars for Fahroe. After the game, Fahroe was so eager to go home end savour the smokey snack.

A wonderful afternoon that was and I'd like to thank all members, palmx and kvpug, for the support and making this bowling event a success. Let's try make this event a regular one.

Read kvpug story on the event here

Tapping off
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