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PalmX BTM - StarBucks KL Sentral 13 July 2002 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mohammad Hasni Ibrahim   
Jul 13, 2002 at 03:59 PM
The group are going to have the monthly Black Thing Meeting (BTM) on the second Saturday of July which is on the 13th next month. The BTM is scheduled to be held in Starbuck Cafe in KL Sentral from 12:00 noon (revised) onwards. All are welcome to join the gathering. I would like to ask Fahroe who is working next to KL Sentral to make some arrangement with the operator of Starbuck Cafe to give us discounts for our members attending the BTM. :-)

Hope to see more of our members at the coming BTM.


Update by

Hi guys, For our upcoming BTM, StarBuck has agreed to give us a 10% discounts on food and beverages during the BTM session. Please show your PDA during your purchase. Hope we can see a lot of people during the BTM.


BTM Review by Participants

BTM - July 13, 2002
12:00pm - 4:00pm
Starbucks Coffee, KL Sentral

Another successful BTM.....
Encouraging attendance!!
20 members turned up for the event. I think the location of the event does matter. The last BTM held at KL Sentral (Café Nescafé) also had a very good turn out.

The "star" attraction this BTM is Shah with his spanking new Sony Clié NR70V. I think everyone there fondled with his toy (that sounds funny :D, but jokes aside ... eh!), filpping and twisting the NR70V display. Shah looked quite worried, he might take home 2 PDA at the end of the day... A keyboard and an LCD display :D

Tim Kwan did a GPRS connection demo with his m505 and Siemens ME45 mobile phone... Cool!!

And doubly Cool!!, to see how Kamarul converted his Ericsson R520 antenna into an emergency stylus. I'd never thought of that :)

At about 2:30pm Abedib did an announcement on palmx.org, asking members to contribute to palmx.org in whatever form they could give. Also, it was decided that the palmx annual dinner would be held on August 24th. The venue has been tentatively set at Restoran Sri Senja, 4th Floor, Suria KLCC. Any changes to this event would be announced later.

After the short speech by the founder of palmx, members went back to their chit-chat and beaming session.

The meet ended about 4:00pm, and the last to leave was myself and Dr. Azmi. Thenafter, we went to Flamingo Bowl , Ampang for a game of bowling to see where we stand before next month bowling meet with KVPUG (Klang Valley Palm User Group) .... From the scores, we were "not standing" at all :P

To recap....

  • Abedib
  • Maher
  • Haxa
  • Fahroe
  • Tim Kwan
  • Colin Charles
  • MBA
  • Kamarul
  • Suhaimy + kids
  • Shah
  • Azrina
  • Roslina
  • Ariff
  • Dr. Azmi
  • Dr. Muiz + partner
  • Hasni
  • Syaharudin + partner
  • Nazley

    Who else did I miss? Let me know.
    I hope I got everyone there (and their partners right)

    Monday, July 15, 2002
    I was very happy to see 20 members of palmx.org sitting down at Starbuck cafe at KL Sentral for their BTM on Saturday 13th Jul;y,2002. Happy to see people of the same interest in pda having a fun time discussing their usage of pda and helping one another. This is the beauty of human community when they get together and being friendly.

    At the same time I announced the date of our annual dinner after getting the consensus from those present. The dinner will be held on 24th august,2002. I have yet to set the committee to plan the event. The dinner should include at least the folowing:

    1. Makan(food/drinks) of course
    2. Presentation by members on their usage of pda
    3. Singing and poetry session.
    4. Beaming as usual..
    5. anything else..??
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