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Targus PDA/Handheld Organizer: Organizing Electronic Organizers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mohd Nazley Mohd Fadhley   
Mar 22, 2004 at 12:40 PM
Just mention the name Targus, and most people will associate the name with quality bags and cases for mobile computing devices. This brand name was the first thing that came into my mind when I bought a carrying case for my wife's notebook. Recently, I was with some friends shopping for PDAs at Sg. Wang IT Center, when I chanced upon a small bag. Small, but big enough for me to tote my electronic stuffs ... and guess what, it's a Targus.

An organizer for electronic organizers.

This gagdet bag is half the size of a regular back pack, with ample space for a subnotebook. Compartments aplenty in this Gadget Organizer. There are special slots for mobile phones and pens, portable CD player, pockets for PDAs. PC cards, keys .... you name it.

The center largest compartment has two separate internal slots and one zippered pocket. One slot holds a PDA (my HandEra330) and the other slot fits a Palm Wireless Keyboard perfectly. I use the zippered pocket to keep my busines cards and wireless PC cards. After fitting all those, the main compartment still has space to put my Psion netBook. Sub-notebooks with dimensions similar to the netBook should fit as well. Now, you don't need a full sized bag for your sub-notebook.

The secondary compartment is smaller and is closed with a "wrap around" zipper. It has two slot which is large enough for mobile phone, portable voice recorder, even a pack of cigarettes. There is also a zippered compartment for you to store whatever you can think of (provided it fits). I tried to put in my portable CD player in this compartment and it fits in very nicely.

The petite size of this bag does not compromise its comfort factor at all. It has a thick and broad strap which makes it really comfortable on the soulder. Weight of a 900g Psion netBook plus the rest of my gadgets distributes well acrosss the two inch broad strap. There is very little strain on the shoulder. The strap is adjustable to suite your own liking or comfort level. A rather large and rugged looking buckle to adjust the length of the strap adds additional cool factor to the design.

To protect the contents of the bag, Targus had a thick rubber lining around the sides and the base of the back. Targus calls this it's "Unique Compu-Tread" and it adds style to the design as well as shock absorption properties.

Speaking about design and style, this targus bag does not make you look like a total geek (at least in my opinion). I am no fashion designer, but I would use this a "handbag" without being at all embarrassed. In fact, I highly recommend this bag if you want to port all your gadgets everywhere you go, in style.

As for me ... I rarely leave home without it.

Mohd Nazley Fadhley
Last Updated ( Oct 30, 2005 at 02:16 AM )