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funSMS 3.6 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mohammad Hasni Ibrahim   
Nov 12, 2003 at 05:12 PM

Application Name: funSMS
Category: Mobile SMS Manager
Type : Commercial (USD 19.00)
Developer: FunCommunications GmbH

I stumble upon this software at when I tried to find replacement for the built in sms program in my Tungsten|T2. I find it easier to write my SMS on the T2 and send it wirelessly through my mobile phone, an Ericsson T39m.

Installing this program is easy since it comes with auto installer. Double click the icon and the program will auto install in the next hotsync. After installing onto my T2, there will be funSMS icon on the main screen. Clicking the icon will bring you to the fMML window where it automatically detect my current phone setup which is Bluetooth. Selecting my connection and phone model and also the messaging centre is a breeze. Just select the country and the appropriate mobile service provider, and you are all set. If you have more than one mobile phone, you can create a few settings for each different phone. A note for TMTouch user, the built in Net configuration is the old one (+6013321) and you need to duplicate the current setting and change it to the ones being used now which is +60132400000.

When you are done with the FMML settings, you will be brought to the welcome screen where you will find a phone image and three big buttons on your right hand side namely : Write Message, Retrieve Message and Manage Message. Well, the buttons are self explanatory, just tap on them to perform the action described. At the bottom of the screen, there are buttons to jump to funSMS, funBOOK and fMML. These are actually shortcuts to configure the FMML or jump to another application called funBook which is another great program for managing your phonebook and review was made by Mr Nazley previously. Sending SMS is no more a tedious job with this software. You do not need to press the small keypad of your phone but write it pleasantly on your PDA. After completing your message, just tap on To: and you will be brought to the Address book and all number in the mobile field will be presented there. Tap on the recipient and tap ok. If you need to send to multiple recipient just continue selecting the numbers.

FunSMS also give the freedom of entering the phone numbers if they are not listed in your address book, see the pencil with plus sign button, tapping on that button will brings you to a window where you can input the name and numbers of the recipient. This helps you to find the exact message being sent in the sent folder.

You can bypass the welcome screen to go straight to the funSMS message window where you can see the four panel window inside it. You can view your incoming message, outgoing, sent or templates by tapping the four panel at the top. I’d like to highlight the template panel here. FunSMS allows you to create and store a few template SMS that you frequently sent out. For example, “Sorry, I’ll be a few minutes late, still stuck in traffic” or “Honey, I’ll be home in time for dinner”. Once these templates are set, all you need to do is select the template message to use and the recipient and then send the message. Sure does save time.

The built in SMS program is so basic that it will not show the name of the person sending you messages. This is where funSMS excel! The program will show you the senders name which is called from the address book provided that their mobile number is properly recorded on mobile field. You can also sort the message to be listed by date and time or by name of sender. The viewing window shows you all message and highlighted message will be shown at the bottom panel of the screen. If the message is too long, then you can click view to read the message or press answer to reply to the message. FunSMS allows filing of these messages into categories. Important SMS communications could be filed in a separate category for easy retrieval, for instance, a few SMS from ACME Inc. is categorized in ACME category. So, when you need to refer to SMS communication from ACME, just choose the category. PalmOS category system is a useful for organizing information but I think this function is greatly underutilized by users.

Another great feature in this program is the phone button where you can directly dial the sender number from within funSMS. Say you receive an urgent message which requires you to call the sender, just click the phone button and voila! You don't even need to pick up your phone to speak to the other party. This is very useful with my Bluetooth phone pairing with a Bluetooth headset.

Talking about Bluetooth.. hmm.. those with Tungsten T series should consider mapping their To Do button to funSMS. While in the program pressing the To DO button will connect your Tungsten to your Bluetooth enabled phone and check for new messages. This is very useful when you heard the phone beeps and you are already on your PDA.. just press To Do button to go to funSMS and another press to download the new messages.. Neat

You know what, while I was tinkering with funSMS trying to send SMS to friends, I stumbled into something very interesting ... FlashSMS. Before sending the sms, tap the detail button and you get the option to send a FlashSMS to friends and collegues. The recepient of this FlashSMS get to see the message immediately on his/her mobile phone display. Isn't that cool or what! I tried sending an SMS to my wife's mobile, a Siemens S45, and the message, instead of flashing immediately on the screen, scrolls from right to left to right at the bottom of the display ... Double cool! Just to be naughty, when I have the chance, I think I'll try sending to a few close friends "prank" messages using the flashSMS option. These messages just "Flash" immediately on their mobile screen and they won't know from whom the messages are from, kind of SMS spam ;-P ......

What else can I say, using funSMS is FUN!

Mohamad Hasni Ibrahim
Last Updated ( Oct 30, 2005 at 02:29 AM )