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Calypso PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mohd Nazley Mohd Fadhley   
Oct 23, 2003 at 05:05 PM
Application Name: Calypso
Type: Game
Developer: FunGames (fun communications GmbH)

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" ..... Remember that proverb? So now, relax and sit down with this new game Calypso, brought to you by Fun Communications, the people who gave us funSMS.

The name of the game reminds me of the Calypso drum, Harry Belafonté and the "Banana Boat Song". Just in case you do not know how the Calypso drum looks like, I've included a picture of the drum on the right.

What has the drum got to do with the game? you might ask. I'd say it is the game board. The board consists of small hexagons (or honeycomb) arranged closely together just like a calypso drum. Compare the gameboard with the calypso drum.

The gameplay is not much different from the famous "Tetris" where you have to arrange the falling blocks to clear a line. In Calypso, instead of falling bricks we have falling honeycombs. You need to "pin" the honeycomb onto the gameboard. The white dot on the falling hexagons is where your pin is. Fill up the area of the same colour and the board will change colour from white/blue to yellow/orange.

Fill the game board with the falling pieces, carefully planning each move.

The first "circle" has been filled, and the board is cleared of the "pinned" pieces. The area changes color to yellow.

Another "circle" filled and the board changed colour to Orange

The rate the pieces drop increases with time and forces you to think and react faster. Everytime you fail to place or pin the falling hexagons, a blue indicator bar shows up on the left column. Ten misses and it's Game Over!

More on how to play the game here.

lt looks easy but belive me, it's very challenging. You need to decide quickly and accurately. (Or perhaps its only me with a not up to the standard IQ)

This game combines skill and luck. You need the skill to plan and place the falling hexagons. And luck since the shapes of the falling hexagons is random. I like the game and would like it better if a livelier sound effect is added to the game. For example a sound of the calypso drum when the player manage to fill up the game board. Or maybe the "banana boat song" included as background music.

This is a good thinking game that sharpen the mind and test your reflexes in a stressed environment ... and down right addictive. I would highly recommend this game to kill time while waiting for someone or during a daily commute. Due to the ''seriousness" of the game, you'll get higher scores if played with a clear, relaxed mind.

CALYPSO is available for $ 14.95 at

OK, I am going back to my game now and try to complete level 2 .... Gosh! this is hard!

Tapping off,
Mohd Nazley Fadhley
Last Updated ( Oct 30, 2005 at 02:31 AM )