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Palm Tungsten|E PDF Print E-mail
Written by Admin PalmX.Org   
Oct 11, 2003 at 05:02 PM
I managed to get hold of a Tungsten E when somebody asked me to install some programme into it. Managed to play around with it for 4 hours. First impression, very impressive unit considering the price of RM750 only. You get a very bright OS5.2.1 PDA and very BIG memory. The screen is fantastic, similar with my Zire71. It is very thin but slightly thicker than m500 series. It uses the same side sliders for the side covers and stylus. The casing is plastic with silver finishing, the same with the back casing of my Zire71. Very prone to scratch unless you get a good full casing.

The speed and responses are impressive since it has a similar processor with my Zire. However the so called D-pad is not quite responsive. You have to press it harder and deeper. The power button is located on the right side but it is situated quite deep in which you have to press it with the tip of your finger to switch it on.

As previously mentioned in other forums, it doesn't have the palm universal connector. However with the availability of the Palm Wireless keyboard, it is of no worry. The only thing is the recently announced Power to go unit cannot be used with it. You get only a USB cable and a charger. No cradle. You cannot charge the palm using the USB cable. I am not sure why, since you can charge the Zire(not Zire71) using the USB cable.

Battery performance is quite good, after installing and playing around for about 2 hours, the battery still maintains at 100%. Not a battery guzzler. This is with the brightness at the minimum. I didn't had time to try the MP3 playback since no SD card around. Since the speaker is at the back, the sound will be muffled if you flip the cover to the back. With the built in 32MB (28.5MB usable), I managed to install a lot into the RAM and still have 7MB memory left. Installed Zlauncher, Agendus, Isilo + documents, Aeroplayer, Acidimage, Palm Reader, etc. The stylus is well built similar with Tungsten W and C stylus. It is much better than my Zire71 stylus which is all plastic.

Software wise, a good bundle in which you get Versamail 2.6 and Documents to go 6. If you minus the price of TE with the price of DTG6 (US29.90), it would make the TE much cheaper.

My view, a bargain unit for RM750. Very good unit to get especially for new users. But the minus is you don't get the palm universal connector. Functionwise is, it is a Tungsten T2 minus the bluetooth, voice recorder and sliders. Will I buy it? Not for me, even though the extra memory is quite tempting. Since palm haven't managed to clear up the problems with Tungsten T3 frying the SD cards, I would advice to defer buying it and go for TE.

Dr. Ahmad Razali
Last Updated ( Oct 30, 2005 at 09:00 AM )