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Reset Emulator PDF Print E-mail
Written by Admin PalmX.Org   
Oct 07, 2003 at 05:01 PM

I believe most Palm users have experience reset when using their Palm/Clie and most of the time it is caused by third party software. Sometime it is difficult to identify the third party software that initiate the reset. As an introduction to new users, I describe in brief about the different types of resets.

There are three types of resets that palm users may experience

Soft reset

This can either be self initiated by pushing the reset button/hole or initiated by corrupt or incompatible software. The data stored in the PDA's RAM will not be lost.

Warm Reset

Warm Reset is self initiated by holding the "UP" button while a soft reset is initiated. Warm Reset will bypass the startup setting of the PDA and mainly used to bypass "loop reset" i.e. unstopable resets. Warm Reset will not delete the content of the PDA's RAM

Hard Reset

This is the nightmare of PDA users. Hard Reset can be self initiated or software initiated. To do a Hard Reset, hold the "ON" button while a soft reset is initiated. All content in the PDA's RAM will be deleted. Want to try?? Go on, do it at your own risk...

The most difficult part after a software initiated reset is identifying the software that caused the reset. After my recent "loop reset" experience and the subsequent problem I am having where my PDA resets when I tap the battery icon dont worry Doc Azmi, it is not caused by you...), I decided to look for a software that can identify buggy/corrupted programs that can caused reset to my PDA.

I managed to find a freeware named "Reset Emulator" from http://www.79bmedia.com/resetemu The software has been around since 1992 and at 6k, it is a small must have software for my PDA. The software works by sending launch codes to the software to test the stability of each software. By doing so, it can identify softwares that caused resets.

Reset Emu is easy to use, user can either select 1 software to be tested at a time or test 10 softwares in one click. For a lazy bum like me, I select the latter. User can also select to skip software that they dont want to test.

The beauty of Reset Emu is that if the launch codes it sent caused a reset, it can identify the software when Reset Emu is initiated after the reset.

By using Reset Emu, I have identified that my To Do list is corrupted and I delete the corrupt file from RAM.

I hope my experience using Reset Emu is useful for other users.

Mohamad Jiwa Sapuan

Last Updated ( Oct 30, 2005 at 09:07 AM )