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Xplore G18 PalmOS Phone PDF Print E-mail
Written by Admin PalmX.Org   
Oct 06, 2003 at 04:59 PM
My name is Albert. Just feeling kind of embarrassed that have been benefitting from the only "Relevant" site on the net. I mean I get good resources and I have been checking closely on the development of the Palm (istry) on this group.

Well, since I have been benefitting so much, I thot I might as well cakap and introduce myself as the cardinal rule in this group. I think I may have a while ago interacted via email with Nadzley on Palm Zire 71.

Ok as an introduction, I used to own a Palm Vx (dinosaur one lah) and then after a long while upgraded to Palm Zire 71 (in March/April 2003) then just recently on the 4/9/2003, upgraded or should I say downgraded to G18.I sedekah kah bini I. Dia minat kat Zire 71. Sampai skrang nak minta pinjam tgk pun tak bagi lah

Bayar dah RM1998 tapi sebab order at PC Fair dia orang bagi extra bateri, charger, screen protector dan sleek hand pouch (tapi warna putih la). Nampak macam GQ tapi bila bawak, tak nampak bergaya pula !!!

ok, over and above that we dapat battery, handset, pouch (hitam one) and handsfree. De pa pun bagi software.

Ok, let me go and kutuk (or praise) G18 Explore.

Its very light. 105 g. Lebi kurang the size and weight of Nokia 8310 la. If you like something small and fanc, this is it. It must have to show the world how Palm can collaborate with some China based manufacturer.

Ok, the other thing that may be of benefit is that you can play games and at the same time pretend to be doing work. No one will know what you are doing, They may think that you are doing serious work on the phone. Can send email and retrieve emails only.

The down part.

cannot interact with the other GPRS phones like Nokia. The other MMS services that is available now is not compatible yet !!. I mean I get a lot of MMS but have to check it out at the web page of Maxis lah.

The camera picture quality is no where comnpared to Zire 71 (IMHO). But the only thing is that the camera is so small that you can take picture without people knowing it. Its like they think you are doing work, but you can take lots of picture with it.

Ok, talking of lots (tak banyak la) cukup makan la. I mean there is a limitation to it. I dare not go max with it takut ia collapse. You can take and then sync to lap top (Oh ya...they give you sync cable that is serial not USB one lah) may be China / Hong Kong masih pakai serial lagi kot.

I spoke to the seller that Palm is working with GSL to introduce this product to China.Imagine, kalau semua orang kat China sukakan produk ini, they will be the most models used in the world (see the population of China).

ok, I mean, my short analysis (limited knowledge) is until here and will upgrade my idea/kepala soon. I hope that I will be able to contribute something to this group.


Yes, you are right, it does come with the built in GPRS . Actually its pretty neat and i have to agree that you dont need to interact with Nokia phone to work, Sorry wrong impression.

Actually, what I meant is that you will not be able to MMS ing with other people using Nokia 7250 6610 7650 etc or Samsung i200 or the Siemens SL45 etc... Its pretty sad that ppl can send you MMS message but you can't as they will have to go on the web page to red and receive the MMS.

I think its pretty neat that they come out with this phone, small enough and light enough to be carried everywhere. Only thing is that it is limited by lack of memory and no built in speakers....unlike the Palm Zire 71.

Well, they boast that you can use kinoma for some of the movie playback but with the limited memory, susah lah.....

The only other thing that is of benefit is that they give you this dictionary (for those ppl that can read Mandarin) I sorry tak boleh baca and tak boleh nak pakai software it walaupun distributor kata softaware to mahal betul kat HK dan China.

I think if they can do something that can have the size of the G18 but with expandable memory it will be solid. Or that you have a built in radio then even better.

For the price that you spend, I think the Sony may be a better selection la, only that you can show off especially with the small size (only). Apart from that novelty nothing special lah..... its running on 4.2.1 syill (lahhhh).

Spoke to someone, they say be on the look out for the Treo 600. That is going to be something that everyone will want to get their hands. Can't wait to see the real one.......

anyone, wishing to know more of the G18 can email me and i will try to give a very objective approach on the G18. Don't want to asyik kutuk the G18 coz, I also got one.

Will have to wait for the MMs operator to give the proper setting for the compatibility lah........ otherwise defeat it only. A wiser choice is to go for Nokia 3650....... (with movie and MMC card expansion).

mmmmm, time to stop talking lah !!

Another Update! (includes GPRS configuration)

1) Battery Life

    Ok, this is definitely one of the biggest problem for me, I mean I purchased the phone during the recent PC fair (In August at PWTC) and I was promised the extra battery. Well, I managed to get the extra battery and thank goodness that I have them. The place where I purchased it, gave me Three (3) other things, the screen protector ( a must have), a leather casing and the cradle (Please note that the cradle is only for charging only and not for syncing between network / Laptop).

The battery which can have a talktime of 2 hours varies from me and another friend of mine. We have different setting. I have used mine with lots of polyphonic tones (some of my midi files plays the entire songs if the caller continues to keep the phone ringing). Mine can have a talktime of about an hour plus, I think (Not the advertised one).

The other thing is that once the SMS comes in, there is this option that the alert will ring and ring until you click on the palm. Then it will stop. This is another way where I think it usurp/drain the battery.
(So if you take the cue, may be you will be able to have the advertised length of standby and talk time).

As for my standby time, I think it can stands the usual test of time, the range is about 11 hours before the battery flats out on me with the usual usage. Otherwise, on a Sunday, I get the phone will be able to last from 7.00am till 2.00am (without many phone calls and playtime).

So thats the subjective version of the battery lifespan.

Note : Please see if this works for you. When you are buying the Xplore G18, ask the seller to show you a print out brochures. If you read the colum on the specs you will see some brochures shows X2, meaning they are suppose to givce you 2 batteries.
(At first, I thought I can try to reason with them for another extra one, but in the end, the seller says that that I have the extra battery already)

The additional battery cost about RM30-00 la.

2) GPRS - JBrowser and JMMS

Ok, as for the GPRS usage, this Xplore G18 incorporate Two (2) things as mentioned above, the JBrowser and tha JMMS. The JBrowser is only for WAP browsing. (I think). I tried to do more, but they can't allow it. So I have stopped playing that function. In fact, I went on the net and found a trial version of the program called the Ipanel which is quite good but since I don't have the registered version, I can see if I can retrieve pictorial/graphic content from the net. The yahoo.com homepage looks prettty real and nice on that small little thing.

Caution : Since you will be on the net thru that Xplore G18, you tend to forget about the time and the duration you are logged on that it may even burn a hole in your pocket. I am still waiting for my bill to see how much. I am thinking of the Digi MMS package and see if it is cheaper or not. (Will try to prepaid services).

Heres the setting for the GPRS, only for Maxis (1st)

Connection : GPRS
User name : Maxis
Password : Wap
Check on the following :-
Prompt for Disconnect
Load on Startup

Profile : Maxis
Homepage : http ://wap.maxis.com.my/wml/index.wml

Gateway : Wap Gateway 1.0
IP Address :
Port            : 9201

Mode        : Connection Oriented
Check on WTLS Security

For Digi
Profile : digi
Homepage : http ://wap.digi.com.my

Gateway : Wap Gateway 1.0
IP Address :
Port            : 9201

Celcom WAP

Profile : Celcom WAP
Homepage : http ://wap.celcom.net.my

Gateway : Wap Gateway 1.0
IP Address :
Port            : 9201

I hope it works for you guys. As for my other two (2) settings, its the default setting as placed by the seller for me, So I did not do any adjustments to it. I am not sure if it works or not ? Please inform me if it works or not.

3) Phone

As for the phone, I think the OS 4.1.2 is pretty ok, I think if compared to OS 4.1.1 on the T/W. I don't know what extra they have that the T/W don;t have. Still meddling with it. Ok the good things about thing phone is that if you have call conference, you will be able to note and see the number of person hooked on the line at the same time. If you put one person on hold you will be able to see how long the other have been placed on hold. Try this out, its pretty fun la seeing your money flow just like that.

There phone can't respond like the normal Nokia phone when it comes to DTMF, but once connected it will appear on the phone if you have to choose the options by clicking on the DTMF then a smaller box will appear, this is also handy for you to make call conference or other call waiting options.

I think the only inconvenience is that you will have to stop your car and click on on it to continue with your phone option selection (eg phone banking etc) unlike the conventional phone which will be able to link up directly.

Another thing is that when you are SMS  ing on the G18 and suddenly the phone rings, your SMS will be saved automatically on your G18 (as draft).

FYI, I have about 308 in messages 211 out messages and 57 drafts. You can even categorized the SMS. I think the SMS is according to yoyr capacity. It never seems like its going to be full lah. Unlike the Nokia Phone which is quite limited to about 20 - 30 depending on the provider.

Ringtones is the best, I think I shall let Che Wah (the expert) to elaborate on this area. Well, you have a ringtone for everyone. I mean the best thing is that you can play the whole midi. I have crawling (Linkin Park) and The Real Slim Shady (Emimem) playing also. I even set my ringtone to our national anthem (for calls coming from Government Office). Its really fun playing to different setting and tones everyday.

4) Camera ( Pic ID- Caller)

I personally think that the Zire 71 is better given any day. I have saved my digital photos from my camera into my CF and then transferred to my MMC card in my Zire 71. But when I tried to beam it over, it takes forever to beam and in the end, it tells me that I can't save as the file is too big. So OI tried the normal setting on Zire 71 and beam it over. It given better colour and sharpness and it looks bigger on your screen. GSDA Album.

So if you one of the device that can capture picture (Not the usual 5.0 million pixels camera la), then you can beam it over to your G18 to make it your wallpaper.

The camera have got a few selections to play. You have the AUTO, SUNLIGHT, INDOOR, CLOUDY, (etc) and you can even adjust the dimness and the control of the light. You can even take multi shots depending on the memory space. Camera can capture 160 x 200, 160 x 160, 320 x 240, 320 x 320 (I think)..

You can have the chatter sound whenever you click  and timer also. However not sure if we can have the remote IR device program to work with this or not.

You can edit and splash them by yourselves with the 5  graphics of multi theme templates that comes with the phone.

 The only thing that I think is a let down is the Memory. Will talk about that later.

5) Softwares

Thank goodness, my G18 comes with some good softwares. It has got the Chinese -English Dictionary. (Not that I understand  them) and then few games which seems fun to play and is duly registered.

I wish to note that they have the program called the card-info and card manager, so I think in future we will be able to manage and play with more memory ?) I hope.

6) Memory

This is the one area that fails miserably. With what it can promise and what it can hope to achieve, without the options to expand, mean like you are having multi millior dollars but marooned alone on island like survivor without anything to eat. (haha !). Well, I spoke to someone who claims that they are getting the expansion of memory in but is unable to tell me when they will bring it in. According to them they will see if there is any support here in Malaysia before they even think about it. Guessed, we are the genuine pig lah. Test item.

I heard that its quite popular in Kuantan Court. My friend who visited Kuantan Court today, told me that theres about 4 user there. Anyone in Kuantan who is reading this care to share and join this Palm-X group ?

7) HotSync

Ok, they give you a Serial port, just like what I have said in my last posting. I think its a let down that we will have to get the connector Serial to USB head.( I spend about RM60-00) at Low Yat Plaza. Please shop around to make sure that it is the right one and there are a lot to choose from, so don;t pay RM130-00 (this was the first price I got before I shop and enquire around).

8) Screen

Its the small size that sometimes makes you wonder if this is the ideal one. I think apart from the battery lifespan and the memory, this is definitely the smallest phone pda combo in the world. Well, apart from the Treo 600 (I think its quite broad yet). Anyone seen the actual one yet ?

I sometimes have to squint to look better. Its super clear at night. So please don't play next to your wife when she is asleep. She will ask you even with her eyes shut is you are surfing the net and retrieving the emails.

Its very bright and no way you can talk your way out when you get stopped by the police because you cant shut your screen (although it will turn off the screen when you are talking while maintaining connection). So to some people, they may be thinking that you are talking to one self.

9) Support

At the moment, I don;t think it will win any award the way the support is being handled. I mean the seller can't even demostrate how the email works or how to get the Kinoma player to work. One try to email but the G18 keeps getting hang. Talking about system freeze or hang, you must reset it immediately otherwise your battery will drain itself out. Sometimes, when you are doing some work on the Memo and the phone call comes in, it will freeeze the system.

I personally think that who needs their support apart from new set replacement. I must admit that we ( you) have the best guys in the world ( in this palm-x) who will be willing to take you thru step by step in any problems you faced with your OS or anything relating to it. So I am dedicating my membership to this group. ONE T-SHIRT for me too. Any design will do ( I know its cool to see the various design available)

10) Personal Ideas

its cool to see the other ppl carrying the P800 and the Treo, O2 etc. But ask yourself deep down what do you really need it for. The price of RM1998 is quite steep for most people but look at it this way, if you have to upgrade your phone and pda at the same time, this will be quite ideal to get, apart from the Treo. But you must remember this is not BT enabled phone ok. Its still the usual conventional one. The Sony Ericsson have got a better and a more powerful system but I think the size is no where near this G18. The xplore G18 is good in most areas but is  lacking in a lot of software but am not sure if the other OS4.1 softwares can be used here or not. Will try to install them and when my system crash, then I will post it here to tell you it work. I hope they will be able to come out with xplore G18i (i.e with expandable memory/SD/MMC compatible at least) and then to have SD/IO card that will have MP3 player....... well, here goes my wish list again.

Do I use it at work ? Well, I use it to retrive my email but according to my friends who have P800, they can set their baby to retrieve email every 2 hours. (he spend about RM80-00) on usage each month. I think the memo and the address book with pix is excellent. You can see who calls you each time and you can upload and udate on their pic. I think I better stop writing, otherwise the rest of you people will hentam me for talking nonsense.

happy palming.......

Last Updated ( Oct 30, 2005 at 09:07 AM )